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Today we have filed suit in Federal Court on behalf of Sophia Waid, age 2, who has been contaminated by lead due to her exposure to Flint’s water.

The case is against a number of local and state governmental officials for their negligence in causing the Flint Water Crisis.

As we all know in an effort to save money these officials chose to provide water to the citizens of Flint that was unsuitable, unfit and unsafe for human consumption.

The water was dangerously corrosive and these officials inexplicably failed to provide the standard corrosion control that made a bad situation worse.

This corrosive water caused lead to leach out of the pipes in peoples’ homes causing thousands of Flint residents to be exposed to dangerous levels of lead in the water they use to drink, cook, bathe and shower.

Even when these officials KNEW of a lead problem they failed to act thus resulting in an epidemic of lead poisoning.

This child is but one of literally thousands of Flint residents who’ve been affected.

Babies and Children under the age of 6 are particularly vulnerable to the effects of lead exposure because they lack the protective blood brain barrier that adults have. This allows easier entry of lead into their developing brains.

There are NO safe levels of lead in the human body. Blood lead levels of 5 or greater are considered to be ” toxic”. This child has been tested at 14.

Toxic levels of lead are known to cause neurologic effects ranging from behavioral issues and irritability to severe brain damage. It is clear that toxic levels affect cognitive and behavioral development in children, adolescents and adults.

In addition to cognitive and behavioral problems lead poisoning can cause hearing loss and nerve damage. A number of other organ systems can also be damaged by lead including the kidney, liver and kidneys and it also increases the risk of cancer.

Sophia’s parents are also plaintiffs in this case. They, like any parent, have suffered tremendous anguish knowing that their child has been poisoned and faces an uncertain medical and developmental future.

The purpose of this suit is to identify those responsible for this disaster and hold them accountable.

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