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This Sunday evening, January 17, Dateline is airing a special feature regarding the tragic story we have unfortunately become all too familiar with: Dr. Farid Fata, the staff oncologist of three cancer centers, who victimized hundreds of patients.


Our client, Monica Flagg, one of the many victims of Fata and the Crittenton Cancer Center, will be featured along with others Sunday night.What is poignant about Monica’s story is that she was a “cancer” patient at Crittenton, and when she accidentally broke her leg and upon treatment for the break, it was serendipitously discovered that she did not indeed have cancer.


Fata had been providing Monica chemotherapy for a cancer that she did not have. If by the grace of God she hadn’t broken her leg, Monica may have suffered further complications as a result of his “treatments.”


Most people are aware of the story of Fata, the “Cancer Doctor” as media covered it internationally. But what is not covered is what these victims live with and what needs be told.


This story is about more than a bad doctor. It is about the hospital administration’s lack of oversight that led to credentialing a bad doctor. It is about that system’s allowing that bad doctor to remain on staff and look the other way despite ample evidence to suggest incorrect diagnoses; poisoning of people with chemotherapy who did not require it; and overdosing and over-treating cancer patients with chemotherapy.


Fata was a danger to the community and due to the negligence and incompetence of the hospital administration he was able to spiral out of control – unencumbered – resulting in the death and injury of hundreds.


If the Fata story is a bold illustration of a hospital administrations absolute failure in regard to oversight and credentialing, it is unfortunately not an unusual failure. I have seen this administrative failure through my clients who were patients and victims of Dr. Yasser Awaad, who falsely diagnosed many young people with epilepsy and treated them with dangerous drugs they didn’t need. I have seen it through my clients who were victims of Dr. Aria Sabit who performed many unneeded spinal surgeries but didn’t perform—but charged for – much-needed back surgeries.


We have seen too often hospitals that do not adequately supervise or credential their staff, thus allowing patients to be abused and victimized. When you see Dateline this Sunday, keep in mind that while Farid “Cancer Doctor” Fata is locked in prison, there was an entire broken system behind him that permitted his deeds. It is our mission to secure fair and reasonable compensation for these victims and their families.

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